About us

Dedicated to delivering solutions that keep industry flowing.

At Hydraulic Solutions Southland, we’re focused on delivering the solutions customers need with the friendliness and level of service that they deserve.

Hydraulic Solutions Southland is dedicated to delivering solutions that keep the industry flowing.

Farming – Contracting – Fishing – Industrial and Transport, at Hydraulic Solutions Southland we have the solution to keep you and your industry flowing.

We offer both onsite and offsite repairs, where we can come to you or you can bring your equipment to any of our dedicated workshops. Our workshops are also fully stocked with replacement parts including fittings, valves, oils, hoses, emergency spares and other components that you can pick up quickly and be on your way. We stock world-class brands like ALFAGOMMA, Alemlube, Castrol, FOGMAKER, Stucchi, Woodsman, Ensign, Knapp and more because we know quality matters when you need it most.

Our fleet of 4-wheel drive rapid response vehicles are versatile and get to the most difficult places. They function as a mobile workshop, complete with everything needed to offer onsite solutions including hoses, fittings and the equipment required to make custom hoses onsite.

We know hydraulic failures don’t happen when it’s convenient. But our solutions are. We’re available for emergencies 24 hours a day, every day because we are committed to keeping your industry flowing.

From a small crew to a growing fleet

Hydraulic Solutions Southland originally started as a small operation focussed on providing the best service in the Southland region. We found out quickly that there was a widespread demand for our type of service and started to grow our team.

With industries growing and diversifying into different areas and more difficult terrain around Southland, we knew hydraulic failures were in hard-to-access locations and we obtained our first 4 wheel drive rapid response vehicle to meet that need; no one else in Southland was doing it.

Now, we have a growing fleet of 4 wheel drive rapid response vehicles and a dedicated team of certified technicians that are always happy to help you anywhere. Wherever you are and whatever the problem, we’ll provide the solutions!