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Kiwi Kids

02/03/2021 1 minute read

Kiwi Kids are the future of Southland. They’ll bring about many new and important changes to the way that we live in New Zealand, hopefully making it a better place for everyone.

So we thought we could make it a better place for them now while they’re growing up.

One way we do this is by helping kids who need a bit of financial help to attend extracurricular activities. We proudly work with Donovan Elementary and have sponsored many parents who can’t afford school fees. Our team has also assisted with camp fees so that every child has a chance to attend and no one has to be left out of special events.

Along with helping out schools, we also stand by the local kids’ sports teams. Recently, we’ve sponsored a James Hargest Netball team and provided them with water bottles so they can stay hydrated. We’ve also sponsored Riverton Rugby with kits so they can focus on playing the game.

Whether it’s education, sports, or something else, we stand behind Kiwi Kids and do what we can to help them thrive.

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