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Warming up homes for the Southland winter

01/06/2021 1 minute read

Winter in Southland can get chilly. There can be stretches of days where the highs don’t rise above a few degrees and the lows dip into the negatives. Being outdoors during those times is tough but for some Southlanders, the indoors aren’t much better.

Many people don’t have to think too much about coming home and turning on the heat pump to a comfortable 20°, except that it might increase the power bill by a bit. Yet in some Kiwi homes, there are no heat pumps at all.

There are many homes in Southland that rely on a fireplace for heating, either because there is no alternative such as a heat pump or the costs of running heating equipment is too high. And for some families, obtaining enough firewood to properly heat the household is a challenging burden.

We aim to reduce that burden by providing firewood to families in need for the winter. A large bundle of firewood can make an immense difference and keep families warm and comfortable. And we’re hoping to bring this joy to even more families each winter.

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