Off-the-shelf lubrication equipment

Alemlube Brand Image

Founded in Australia, Alemlube are leaders in the lubrication and refuelling industry.

What is Alemlube?

Alemlube creates cutting-edge solutions to solve issues with lubrication throughout multiple industries with distributors in Australia, New Zealand, and Papua New Guinea. Some of these industries include agriculture, food and beverage, industrial, manufacturing, transport, and civil construction.

Alemlube has three different divisions all with a different focus. One is to provide solutions for automotive and commercial vehicle workshops. Another is to maintain fixed plant automatic lubrication systems and mobile equipment. And the final is off-the-shelf lubrication equipment, used for metering, hose storage and retrieval, and fluid transfer.

Hydraulic Solutions is the automatic lubrication systems agent for Southland. We carry equipment for Alemlube as well as provide repairs and replacements for Alemlube components.