Fire Suppressant solutions

Fogmaker Brand Image

Fogmaker International AB is a Swedish company that makes some of the most effective fire suppression systems in the world.

What is Fogmaker?

Fogmaker International AB started in 1995 in Sweden with the goal of building a fire suppression system for rally cars. The system was so effective, that in 10 years when it became available to the wider vehicle market, business started booming and hasn’t stopped. Along with rally cars, Fogmaker systems can be found in buses, forestry equipment, agricultural machinery and other industrial vehicles.

Fogmaker devices use high-pressure water mist that works as a combination fire suppression method. The cool water lowers the temperature and the high pressure smothers the fire, and the combination works to extinguish fires quickly before they have the chance to spread.

Hydraulic hoses and components are an essential part of the Fogmaker fire suppression system. Because of the unique system, Fogmaker stresses the importance of using specific hydraulic hoses with work done exclusively by Fogmaker authorised personnel–the systems won’t fall under warranty otherwise. Our team is authorised by Fogmaker to make these repairs, and have the right equipment in stock to see it done properly.