Tree Harvesters

Woodsman Brand Image

Woodsman offers some of the most efficient wood cutting and processing equipment on the market today and is headquartered here in New Zealand.

What is Woodsman?

Woodsman was first started in 2005. The company started as a joint project with Engineering Services Rotorua to create a better, more efficient tree harvester.

As a local New Zealand company with a fantastic product and strong customer support team, Woodsman has grown to be a powerful brand in the forestry market. They were purchased by Engineering Services Rotorua and their forward-thinking research and development team continues to work on new products to improve the industry.

Woodsman equipment uses hydraulic connections to give the power and speed necessary for their equipment to the job right. It will be brought to a standstill quickly should the hydraulics fail, but Hydraulic Solutions is standing by to see the repair or replacement done in a timely and effective manner.