Come see our new showroom!

We’ve recently moved to a new location with a larger showroom and plenty of space for us to do repairs on equipment and vehicles! The new location with additional hydraulic testing gear allows us to better serve our customers and community.

We look forward to seeing you at 119 North Road, Invercargill.

Southlanders in Need

The philanthropic Melissa Aitken of Invercargill is always looking out for others and giving a helping hand. Since at HSS we’re always happy to help, naturally, our paths have crossed a few times. 

One place where this regularly happens is at Ms Aitken’s yearly Services for Southlanders in Need event. Starting out as a grassroots effort for free haircuts for Southlanders who couldn’t afford them, the event has grown in both size and scope over time. Now, it’s expanded to offering help in all kinds of areas and requires more volunteers and donations than ever, with over 1000 people attending last year.  The event was even featured on a TV spot and you can watch that video here.

HSS helps the event by providing many packs of high-quality meat to the event. Everyone deserves to eat good food, and we’re happy to share. We plan on donating to the event every time it comes up and give back to the community that made us who we are. 

Warming up homes for the Winter

Winter in Southland can get chilly. There can be stretches of days where the highs don’t rise above a few degrees and the lows dip into the negatives. Being outdoors during those times is tough but for some Southlanders, the indoors aren’t much better. 

Many people don’t have to think too much about coming home and turning on the heat pump to a comfortable 20°, except that it might increase the power bill by a bit. Yet in some Kiwi homes, there are no heat pumps at all. 

There are many homes in Southland that rely on a fireplace for heating, either because there is no alternative such as a heat pump or the costs of running heating equipment is too high. And for some families, obtaining enough firewood to properly heat the household is a challenging burden. 

We aim to reduce that burden by providing firewood to families in need for the winter. A large bundle of firewood can make an immense difference and keep families warm and comfortable. And we’re hoping to bring this joy to even more families each winter. 

Kiwi Kids

Kiwi Kids are the future of Southland. They’ll bring about many new and important changes to the way that we live in New Zealand, hopefully making it a better place for everyone. 

So we thought we could make it a better place for them now while they’re growing up. 

One way we do this is by helping kids who need a bit of financial help to attend extracurricular activities. We proudly work with Donovan Elementary and have sponsored many parents who can’t afford school fees. Our team has also assisted with camp fees so that every child has a chance to attend and no one has to be left out of special events. 

Along with helping out schools, we also stand by the local kids’ sports teams. Recently, we’ve sponsored a James Hargest Netball team and provided them with water bottles so they can stay hydrated. We’ve also sponsored Riverton Rugby with kits so they can focus on playing the game. 

Whether it’s education, sports, or something else, we stand behind Kiwi Kids and do what we can to help them thrive.