The philanthropic Melissa Aitken of Invercargill is always looking out for others and giving a helping hand. Since at HSS we’re always happy to help, naturally, our paths have crossed a few times. 

One place where this regularly happens is at Ms Aitken’s yearly Services for Southlanders in Need event. Starting out as a grassroots effort for free haircuts for Southlanders who couldn’t afford them, the event has grown in both size and scope over time. Now, it’s expanded to offering help in all kinds of areas and requires more volunteers and donations than ever, with over 1000 people attending last year.  The event was even featured on a TV spot and you can watch that video here.

HSS helps the event by providing many packs of high-quality meat to the event. Everyone deserves to eat good food, and we’re happy to share. We plan on donating to the event every time it comes up and give back to the community that made us who we are.